Restaurant Feature: La Spiga

For those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the realization that you can’t eat your favorite foods anymore can be frustrating and sad. Eating out also gets a little bit more complicated, but luckily, more and more restaurants are offering (or now noting) gluten-free menu items. In addition to selling our gluten-free products in local markets and grocery stores, we have several Seattle-area restaurants that use our pastas and bread products to offer their customers a gluten-free option.

One of those spots is La Spiga, a wonderfully authentic Italian osteria on Capitol Hill. Founded in 1998 by chef Sabrina Tinsley and host Pietro Borghesi, the restaurant has offered genuine Romagnola cuisine for nearly 20 years. About 10 years ago, the restaurant was moved from their original location to their current space on Capitol Hill in the historic Piston and Ring Building, where Tinsley adds her own uniqueness to each authentically northern Italian dish, and Borghesi hosts the night with warmth and charm.

“An evening at la Spiga is like dining in Italy — without the plane fare,” says Borghesi. According to their website, “Osteria la Spiga is named for ‘la spiga di grano’ (a shaft of wheat), the symbol of fertility, harvest and good fortune. It is also the essential ingredient in the pasta and quintessential Romagna peasant bread [called piadina] made daily on the premises.”

But though wheat is a central aspect to the genuine Romagnola cuisine served at La Spiga, the eatery has made an effort to be friendly to those requiring gluten-free options. For starters, they have teamed up with Manini’s to offer gluten-free pasta alternatives for their yummy PRIMI dishes!

La Spiga needed to find a good quality gluten-free pasta to meet the standard set by their handmade regular pasta, and Manini’s fit the bill! From the braised duck ragu, to traditional bolognese or white alba truffle butter pasta, get ready to savor a truly amazing Italian pasta dish with our delicious, fresh and gluten-free alternatives when you enjoy a meal at La Spiga.

La Spiga

1429 12th Ave

Seattle, WA 98122


Featured photo source: La Spiga’s Instagram