6.11.23 – Marcy

“I just had to write to you all to let you know how much my 8 year old gluten and dairy free daughter and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your frozen pizza crust!!!We will be buying it forever!!

4.22.23 – Joan

“I have been here in the PNW for almost two years and I am so glad I found you! I found the pizza dough at Haggen and have also found the pasta there and at Whole Foods. The complete game changer though was finding the gf bread flour at Whole Foods. I was able to make gf pierogies and they were delicious! You cannot imagine how happy this has made me and my family. I’m going to get your regular gf flour, too. I usually use a blend that I make from America’s Test Kitchen, but yours is so good and the texutre is wonderful. I used to bake a lot of bread and rolls and your dough has the same elasticity as regular flour. Again, you can’t imagine how happy you have made me, and by extension, my family. Many, many thanks!”

3.26.23 – Bonnie

“I have a few daughters who are df and gf. I prepared your Roasted Tomato and Basil Ravioli for my youngest. I served them on a bed of sauteed spinach seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil. Topped with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. It was a very big hit! I do not usually send kudos or reviews or thank you’s, but today is different. Looking forward to trying some of your other products. Thank you!! from a new fan!!”

6.6.22 – A.B.

“Thank you so much for creating gluten free pasta dishes that have dairy-free options. So many who can’t eat gluten also can’t eat dairy. I’m so grateful this option exists.”

6.1.22 – Dorrine

“Omgosh I was so excited to find the gluten free dairy free spinach/ artichoke raviolis! By far the most delicious pasta I’ve bought!
I topped them with a garlic, olive oil, mushroom, spinach ragout! Sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast – Voila’ Bon Appetit!”

4.12.22 – Christine

“Your Gluten Free Multi-Grain Flour is THE VERY BEST!!!”

2.16.22 – Shaila

“I am shopping on Amazon for your dairy free ravioli in Los Angeles… I am obsessed with the tomato basil.”

2.6.22 – Kim

“We bought your spaghetti and it was fabulous! Some of the best gf pasta we have had.”

12.10.21 – Ruth

“We buy the gf ravioli from Wegmans in MD. They are delicious. Keep up the good work. Best we have ever had. Thank you”

9.30.21 – Spencer

“Good lord, this is so tasty!”

9.12.21 – Frances

“I tried the artichoke and spinach dairy free cashew cheese ravioli for the first time last weekend and they are ABSURD. 😻😻😻 Really really enjoyed them! Will be buying them again very soon.”

8.3.21 – Wendy

“Love love LOVE your Gluten-Free Non-Dairy products – SOOOOO delicious! And fabulous you all have made them available to consumers.

Thank you!”

6.15.21 – Patricia

“I never thought I’d truly enjoy Gluten Free pasta until I tasted the Lemon Thyme one from your company last night. It’s amazing!!!!! Thank you!”

1.26.21 – Tabitha

“I just had your spinach and cheese Ravioli for the first time. I want to say thank you. Thank you for making a delicious GF product.”