Tomorrow is National Pasta Day!

Here we go! National Pasta Day is finally here, although we’ve had it on the mind all month. With the weather turning to a crisp, fall chill, it’s the perfect day to dig into a hot and hearty dish of pasta.

In honor of the day, did you know…?

  • Pasta has an ancient history, and likely originated in Asia (not Italy, although it is commonly seen as an Italian food).
  • Pasta probably arrived in Europe before Marco Polo returned from China.
  • Pasta became popular in the Americas when it was introduced by none other than Thomas Jefferson (although early Spanish settlers probably brought it here first).
  • Nearly every country has its own version of a pasta or a pasta dish.
  • There are more than 600 known shapes of pasta.

Celebrate National Pasta Day tomorrow, October 17th, with Manini’s gluten-free pasta – you can get it at dozens of locations around the country (see our store locator at:

While you’re at it, try this amazing recipe for Drunken Garlicky Fettuccini with Charred Scallion Pesto & Shaved Pecorino, from Fanny Slater (the Lemon Thyme Linguini pairs particularly well with this recipe).