Gluten-free Flour Power

People get a bit excited about Manini’s gluten-free flour. As a foodie who has recently discovered some of the benefits (and deliciousness) of the gluten-free pastas and flours the team at Manini’s have developed, it doesn’t surprise me all that much.

But after reading through dozens of e-mails the company has received, I am just beginning to understand why they’ve been flooded with so many accolades.

Manini’s has been helping to make families that have had to adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle, overjoyed to have some favorite breads and baked goods on the menu again. And when I think about how much eating great food means to me, I can understand the enthusiasm.

To get an idea of what Manini’s has meant to some, just listen to what Heather A. had to say about the multi-grain flour:

“I am beyond impressed with this company both with the product and their extraordinary customer service.
When my daughter was 10, she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. After spending hundreds of dollars trying various breads, flours and recipes that had a terrible texture and taste, I found Manini’s gluten-free flours. Not only is the flour amazing, but they even spent time with me on the phone helping me perfect my recipes. My daughter now has fresh, delicious bread and other family favorites to enjoy again. Seeing the smile on her face again was priceless.”

And Heather’s not alone. Nicole C. said:

“Manini’s all-purpose flour is the first true GF all-purpose flour I have found. I bake cookies, cakes, piecrust, breads and more with this flour. It has made the gluten-free lifestyle so much easier!”

Exciting news for online shoppers

Manini’s has now launched an online cart service to its website which makes ordering all your favorite Manini’s gluten-free flours and pastas easier than ever. It also means you can now enjoy Manini’s fabulous gluten-free products at home without ever leaving home.

Manini’s Gluten-Free Multipurpose Flour

We think one of the best things about Manini’s gluten-free multipurpose flour is that there’s no guesswork involved. Simply substitute your recipes that call for flour with the same amount of Manini’s.

There’s no easier way to enjoy the all recipes you love to bake, completely gluten-free.

I personally use it now for my family’s favorite chocolate-chip cookie recipe. No one can believe I use GF flour. They are as chewy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious as ever.

Check out all of Manini’s gluten-free flours including the multipurpose, multigrain and bread flour. For more great baking ideas, visit the flour recipes.


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Tami Silesky Rogers is a mom, foodie, award winning writer and frequent contributor to parenting magazines and websites focused on the emotional well being of teens. She also is a regular contributor to, a website dedicated to seniors and aging well.