Manini’s Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Review

Hi! I’m Leslie and I run the Instagram account @glutenfreefinds_pa. Gluten Free Finds was created in 2018 after my son Jax was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age five. Today, Jax and I are trying to help people navigate the Gluten Free world to find, try and share some of the best gluten free products. Now Jax is seven, and he loves to have fun in the kitchen. He’s always up for trying a new gluten free pizza, so when Manini’s offered to send us samples of their pizza dough to try, we were pretty excited!

I always love to get Jax involved in the cooking and baking process, so here is what we did. First, we put out a sheet of parchment paper with some gluten free flour and placed the ball of dough in the center, with a little extra flour on top. Jax had fun smushing the dough flat before we got to the rolling pin. The dough rolled out very easily – much more easily than some other gluten free pizza doughs I have worked with – and it was very soft, not sticky. Once it was ready, I flipped it onto our round Calphalon non-stick pizza pan that I absolutely love. We then used our favorite Prego pizza sauce and Borden cheese, both of which are Gluten Free, to top our pizza. Jax likes his pizza plain, so we didn’t load up on toppings, but if it were up to me, I would be adding some veggies – probably some spinach and broccoli, or maybe some turkey pepperoni.

Anyway, I trimmed off the rough edges of the dough with a pizza cutter to make the shape look a little nicer (Good trick, right? It’s so hard to get a perfectly round pizza!), and then we put it into the oven to bake at 475 degrees. The back of the dough ball’s package said to bake for 18 to 20 minutes, but I checked our pizza around 13 minutes and the cheese was already sizzling and the edges of the crust were browning, so I thought it looked ready.

After letting it cool and slicing it, we were ready to dig in. This pizza was absolutely delicious! Definitely one of the best we have had, especially if you like a thin, crispy crust. Jax highly recommends it! You can buy a four pack on Manini’s website for $29.99, or check their website to see where to buy it near you. Manini’s also sent us some of their heat and serve pasta and ravioli dishes, which we haven’t tried yet, so we’ll save that for a future blog post, but Jax is really looking forward to trying the mac & cheese, and I’m excited for the dairy free ravioli!